Please Please Please Get A Life Foundation is a fictional organization parodying how zealous fans nitpick every detail of every episode of Animaniacs. Members may very well argue about the canonicity of any tidbit of information. The staff at the foundation will soothe fans with their comforting therapeutic anvils, thus causing them to get back to earth.

Why it exists

The Please Please Pleese Get a Life Foundation exists to help fans "engrossed in inconsequential cartoon trivia" (a point to which they may argue against, which would be a sign that their obsession is manifesting itself further as an obsession) "gently and calmly". This involves mallets, anvils, and jolly orange dinosaurs making forceful contact with the subject.

Yakko, Wakko and Dot manage this foundation, and make sure people recuperate from their condition as quickly as possible.

Physical description


Like an educational institution but with more lab coats.

An orange building with columns at its two sides, blue windows all over and adorned with stairs at its front conceals a hallway full of windows and control panels and screens, which Yakko is responsible for supervising. The windows reveal a small empty room with only a table, a computer, a chair, a nerd on the chair babbling away, and either Wakko with a mallet or Dot with a rope. The rope invariably conceals a big black anvil, so it's safe to assume that the top floor is a storage floor for anvils. Somewhere inside the facility is also a big stadium with a white floor, with black bleachers and a blue wall. In the middle of the floor is a table, a chair and a computer. Inside a similarly blue door is also Baloney the Dinosaur (still with his own personality). You know It!