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Full Name Ralph Theodore Guard
Segment Yakko, Wakko, and Dot
First Episode De-Zanitized
Voice Actor Frank Welker
Catchphrases "Dah..."

Ralph is surprised

Dah... - Ralph T. Guard

Ralph Theodore Guard or Ralph the Guard is the main antagonist of the Animaniacs series. He is the security guard at Warner Bros. Studios and the character who Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner are arguably at odds with the most. He always tries to capture them by putting them back into the water tower, but always fails in his duty. In Piano Rag, he, Dr. Scratchansniff and Hello Nurse all worked together to try to catch the Warners. In A Christmas Plotz, he was revealed to have a wife (who looks and sounds like him) and an adopted son who is smarter than both of them. He is often seen eating donuts and other sugary treats. The Warners outsmart and outrun him easily. A running gag in the original series was that he chased the Warners in the backgrounds of other segments.

Ralph is first introduced in Tiny Toon Adventures, where he guarded the Warner Bros. Studios, and was often at odds with the Tiny Toons, usually Plucky Duck. In that show, however, he was a far more competent guard, all the while sleeping on the job. He was known as "the fat guard that come around".

Judging by his presence in "Newsreel of the Stars," it seems that Ralph (or a relative or lookalike) worked at the studio in the 1930s.

Ralph returned for the Animaniacs revival, with Frank Welker reprising his role.

Physical appearance

Ralph is quite fat. He has a fair skin color and stubble. His design remains the same in the revival series only his uniform is a more realistic warm-tinted grey instead of blue with his stomach peeking out, and he has five fingers on each hand instead of four. In the holiday special, he wears a ill-fitting Santa suit. In formal events, he wears a tuxedo that isn't strapped on correctly while retaining his security guard cap. In one episode, his shirt tied up revealing his stomach while dancing to Macadamia Nut.


Ralph can best be described as, brusque, dim-witted, naive, humble, forgiving, calm, patient and good-natured. His kind nature is shown in A Christmas Plotz, when issues arose with his job, he does not talk to his adopted son about revenge, but about having a good Christmas. Ralph's defining trait is his stupidity; he often makes dumb decisions and is greatly incompetent. For example, in Wakko's Gizmo, he pulls out a phone to stop an armor suit, which results in chaos happening across the lot.


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Ralph in the Rugrats parody


  • Ralph was named after one of the series creator Tom Ruegger’s best childhood friends, Ralph Mayo.
  • Ralph was visually modeled after Bob the Guard, the real life head-guard at Hanna-Barbera for many years.
  • Despite Ralph potentially being the main adversary of the Warners, he is really friendly and they have been shown to be on good terms at times.
  • The evolution of Ralph goes as follows:
    • Ralph the Guard (aka Ralph Dimwittie)- The New Scooby Doo Mysteries Episode 12a- A Scary Duel with a Cartoon Ghoul.
    • Ralph the Guard/Ralph T. Guard- Tiny Toon Adventures Episode 7- Hollywood Plucky.
    • Ralph the Guard/Ralph Theodore Guard- Animaniacs Episode 1- De-Zanitized.[1]



  • "I think mines is a M" - The Scoring Session (referring to music theory notes. A to G are the only letter bases)


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