Randy Beaman
is an unseen character on Animaniacs and is only mentioned through stories told by his friend Colin. The stories often end up being wild, unreal, and shaggy dog stories. Wakko also tells a Randy Beaman story in the cartoon "Ups and Downs".


Episode Story Visual Gag
8 Marshmallow-Pillow None
8 Crazy Footlicker Colin is holding an ice cream cone.
48 Pirhana Cat Colin is in nothing but a towel.
54 Pop Rocks and Soda None in American airings
54 Hitchhiker It is winter outside.
62 Dracula Colin is playing a live frog.
62 Tan Colin is playing with a yo-yo.
62 Lee-Press-On Nails None
64 Balogna Sandwich None
64 Dog Food Colin plays with an airplane.
67 Face None
67 Sneeze Colin is in nothing but a towel.
69 Get Lost Colin is dressed as Batman.
69 Baths Colin tries to hit a baseball.
69 Corn Flakes Colin puts a finger in his ear while holding a toy plane.
77 Ketchup None
80 Carrots Colin is playing with bubble gum.


  • In the original version of the pop rocks short, Colin is seen running outside with his hands on his crotch, clearly indicating that he has to go to the bathroom really bad. Subsequent versions use recycled animation from the Marshmallow Pillow story. The censored version is on the DVD, but the original version is on the Hub & some local stations that rerun Animaniacs.
  • Randy has an uncle Roy
  • Randy's brother collects scabs.
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