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The "Rap Battle" (titled "Rap Battle, Pt.2" on the album) is a duel between Jay-Pac and Yakko Warner, precipitated by the Shakespeare Rap. It appears in the segment "Gift Rapper."



If Dot was my sister, I’d fire her
And Wakko's even less likable than Elmyra
Spielberg oughta stick to filming sharks
Not rebooting this reboot of Groucho Marx
Hulu wrote a check and the money beckoned
But the Warners are like a bad joke told twice
If you weren’t funny the first round, why would you be the second?
Wanna compare my thirty Grammys to your eight Emmys and a Peabody?
You’ve been put to sleep, kid
It’s time to say goodnight, everybody

Yakko's Rebuttal[]

Nice try, pal
But Wakko’s wish is I deliver a killer verse
I’ve been blessed or cursed with a bottomless lyrical purse
That’ll make crowds disperse or worse
Require medical attention, better get the nurse!
Say goodbye to an easy battle and... hello, hearse!
Yeah, I’m zanier than Billy, to the max!
Leader of the animated maniacs!
You, you’re the cure for insomniacs
Less fresh than the Twenty-year baloney in my slacks
We can’t be axed! Like Lazarus, we just keep coming back
We don’t need to boast or roast or talk smack
Or rap about women, bling, and record contracts
Be honest, be cool, and people will respect you
Those are the facts, dude!


  • Elmyra Duff (Tiny Toon Adventures) and Hello Nurse do not appear in the reboot, but are mentioned in this song.
  • On the soundtrack version present in first season album, the timing of Yakko's rap is unfortunately off-sync to the background music.