Full Name Rita
Segment Rita and Runt
First Episode Nighty-Night Toon
Voice Actor Bernadette Peters
Frank Welker (vocal effects)
Catchphrases "...go fig'"

Rita is a feisty, independent, and lovely gray and white cat who is often singing. She accompanies a big dog, Runt on their adventures to find a home.

She is voiced by actress and singer, Bernadette Peters.

She, along with Runt, will not be appearing in the 2020 series. The sketch had been faded out in the 1993 series, as the producers had a hard time composing a song for each episode, and admitted it got expensive keeping Peters on the payroll. Her costar Frank Welker, however, remained a series regular, having voiced minor characters in other sketches.


Rita is an independent, funny, aloof, intelligent and sarcastic cat. However, this is a front masking a soft side of her that really longs for affection. This side of her is shown in numerous episodes, such as "Smitten With Kittens".

She is often frustrated by Runt's dimwittedness, at first treating him with disdain and stating that once they found a home, she would leave and he was on his own, but gradually warms up to him throughout the segment, even giving him a kiss on the head in one episode, and displaying relief in seeing him when she is captured by a chef. Her affection for Runt extends to when she is taken by a girl onto a train to live in a beautiful home, she jumps off when Runt is attacked by another dog before he could get onto the train, and she beats the stuffing out of the other dog, going on to tell Runt she has grown fond of him and she will never go anywhere without him, that they would find a home together or not find one at all.


Bernadette Peters's credit appears at the bottom of the cast list when she appears, written: "And Bernadette Peters as Rita"


Rita's Songs

In nearly every episode she appeared in Rita has sung.

  • Humans Ain't What They Seem to Be (When Rita Met Runt)
  • Flat in Gay Paree (Les Miseranimals)
  • At the End of the Road (Les Miseranimals)
  • A Place Called Home (The Cat and the Fiddle)
  • All Wrapped Up in Love (Home on De-Nile)
  • Let's Try For Two (Phranken-Runt)
  • Together (Puttin' on the Blitz)
  • I'm Nobody's Mama (Smitten with Kittens)
  • Monterey (Of Nice and Men)
  • Stereotypical View (Of Nice and Men)
  • Miao (Kiki’s Kitten)
  • Off to Florida (Icebreakers)
  • Cats Always Get the Short End of the Stick (Icebreakers)
  • Chicago (Up a Tree)
  • Dizzy (Up a Tree)
  • There's Nothing Quite Like a Cat (Witch One)
  • Still There's Me and You (Witch One)

In Wakko's Wish, Rita sung in Never Give Up Hope, Train Bringing Wakko, So Much For Wakko's Ha'penny, The Wishing Star (The Wish Belongs To Me), and If I Could Have My Wish along all the other main characters.

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