Rita and Runt is a Animaniacs segment centring around Rita, a cat who sings songs (voiced by Bernadette Peters) and Runt, a dog who tags along with her (voiced by Frank Welker).


Rita and Runt, the vagabond cat and dog duo have many big adventures. Despite having a desire to find a nice permanent new home, the two manage to live quite comfortably by offering each other a close unbreakable friendship in defending one another for protection and giving moral support.


Season 1

  1. When Rita Met Runt (Episode 7)
  2. Les Miseranimals (Episode 11)
  3. The Cat and the Fiddle (Episode 17)
  4. Home on De-Nile (Episode 25)
  5. Phranken-Runt (Episode 29)
  6. Puttin' on the Blitz (Episode 31)
  7. No Place Like Homeless (Episode 35) (with Pesto in place of Rita)
  8. Smitten with Kittens (Episode 39)
  9. Of Nice and Men (Episode 43)
  10. Kiki's Kitten (Episode 44)
  11. Icebreakers (Episode 48)
  12. Up a Tree (Episode 57)
  13. Witch One (Episode 62)

Comic Stories

  • Mace Ventura Pet Hunter (Volume 15)
  • The Lunch Boat (Volume 42)


  • This segment was dropped after the first season because it became too difficult to create a new song for Rita to sing in each episode, and keeping Bernadette Peters on the payroll became too expensive. Her costar Frank Welker, however, remained a series regular, as he voiced multiple characters in addition to Runt. Although the sketch was discontinued, Rita and Runt would still appear as non-speaking cameos in the show (with "Gunga Dot", "Punchline (Part I)", and "The Scoring Session" being exceptions). Even after the segment was dropped, Rita was still mentioned in the series' intro. Peters and Welker reunited once again as Rita and Runt (now minor characters) for the film Wakko's Wish.
    • In an interview with Animanicast in 2020, Tom Ruegger denied the reason for the segment's phrase out being due to the expense of Peters. He explained that it was instead the writers wanting to focus on other characters and the segment was never officially dropped. [1]
  • Their story is similar to that of George and Lennie from John Steinbeck's novella Of Mice and Men. Runt and Lennie share their lack of intelligence, while Rita resembles George's shrewd personality, as well as his responsibility to care for his mentally challenged friend. In both stories the characters travel from place to place, searching for a better life. In George and Lennie's case it's a farm of their own, while Rita and Runt are looking for a home, usually somewhere in California. The episodes Of Nice and Men is a direct parody of the novella, indicating some level of resemblance was intentional.


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