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Roderick Andrew Anthony Jude McDowall (Roddy McDowall) (17 September 1928 – 3 October 1998), was an English-American actor, voice artist, film director and photographer. He is best known for portraying Cornelius and Caesar in the original Planet of the Apes film series, as well as Galen in the spin-off television series; Octavian in Cleopatra (1963), Mr. Soil in A Bug's Life (1998), The Mad Hatter in the DC Animated Universe, and Andrew in Overboard (1987).

On the Animaniacs spin off series, Pinky and the Brain, he portrayed Snowball, the evil hamster who served as Brain’s nemesis.

Animaniacs Roles[]

Pinky and the Brain[]


  • McDowall, John Astin, Phyllis Diller, and Adam West have each starred in the 1966 Batman series.
  • McDowall, Diller, and Alex Rocco have each starred in A Bug's Life.
  • The last part of the Pinky and the Brain saga Brainwashed was one of the last productions to be released in McDowall's lifetime. The episode aired on September 16, 1998; a few weeks before his death on October 3, 1998.
  • McDowall's role in Planet of the Apes is referenced at the end of "Brain Noir" through a line Brain yells at his character Snowball.
  • Maurice LaMarche has reflected fondly on his experience working with McDowall, stating:
"Roddy McDowall was the quintessential gentleman. He showed up to the sessions in a tweed sport coat, perfectly creased white shirt, and an ascot tie. He was Old Hollywood in every best sense of that word. He showed up on time, he was a delight... and I never got a sense for a second that he felt he was slumming by doing a cartoon. He was delighted to be there. The work was as real and important to him as "How Green Was My Valley." He treated it with the same professionalism, and he grew to love [his character] Snowball."
— Maurice LaMarche