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Rudy Mookich is the main antagonist of the spin-off series Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain. He was voiced by Nancy Cartwright. He is Elmyra Duff's love interest and Pinky and the Brain's archenemy.


Rudy is a slightly large blonde-haired boy who wears a red shirt and gray shorts.


Rudy is a slovenly fellow who acts cruel to others (including animals). He schemes to to steal Pinky and Brain and feed them to his pet snake Tunk, who happens to be one of the few things he genuinely cares for. He is also easily gullible, falling for Brain's "Patty Ann" disguise and falling madly in-love as a result. For whatever reason, he is the subject of Elmyra Duff's affection in the series, and is referred to as "Rudy Wudy oh so cutie" by her. He does not reciprocate the affection to her.


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