Runt the Big Dog
Runt 300
Full Name Runt
Segment Rita and Runt
First Episode When Rita Met Runt
Voice Actor Frank Welker
Catchphrases "Definitely..."

Runt is a big dog, who along with a little cat called Rita, is a stray having adventures, which is usually looking for a loving home.

His voice gets done by Frank Welker’s impression of Dustin Hoffman's character from Rain Man.


Runt can maybe be in his own world as much as the Pyro. And he can seem rather dumb when it occasionally detracts him. Many homes with terrible intentions will take advantage of how Runt is dreamy to get rid of him, or to kidnap and use him for a machine where he’d likely be killed, by accident or on purpose. He doesn’t even figure it out until it’s clear and just what unavoidable that everything around him is wrong.

Being far from normal, the big dog has never resorted to disrespect for anything at all, and he certainly loves Rita, a cat that lives in his hairdo, to the point of hugs and thinking she’s a dog like himself. Without knowing or even caring if he does, Runt will take big lengths to rescue, or simply get to Rita.

He mutters the word, “definitely…” into so many sentences, often repeating himself in the process, it’s worth his catchphrase.


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