Runt 300
Full Name Runt
Segment Rita and Runt
First Episode Nighty-Night Toon/When Rita Met Runt
Voice Actor Frank Welker
Catchphrases "Definitely..."

Runt is an unintelligent, happy-go-lucky dog and is Rita's best friend. He believes that Rita is stray dog like him. He is voiced by Frank Welker doing an impression of Dustin Hoffman's character from Rain Man.


Runt is extremely dimwitted, believing from the time Rita met him that she was another dog. This is largely to Rita's advantage, since he would behave hostilely towards any cats. Despite his simple mind, he has great affection for Rita, letting her insults and disdain slide off of him, and expressing worry (usually) when she is in danger. He even went to the point of biting a man who was trying to cook Rita, and grabbing her by the scruff to safety when he assumes they are in danger (although usually incorrectly, to Rita's annoyance). He is also, in his rare moments of coherency, surprisingly attached to Rita, considering her a "good dog."