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If you're looking for the Genesis version of "Animaniacs", go here.

Animaniacs is a game based on the series of the same name, and the second Animaniacs game released. The game was created by Konami and Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 6 months after Konami made the Genesis version on November of 1994.


Pinky and the Brain stole pages of the script to the new movie that the Warner Bros. studio was developing, so Thaddeus Plotz asks Yakko, Wakko, and Dot to find and bring back all 24 of the pages to get a good ending to the game, even though the game can be completed without obtaining all of them, despite getting a bad ending if you do that.

SNES Animaniacs
Title screen
Snes animaniacs 1
A Screenshot from the game


Game Mechanics

The 2-D game is played on a 3-D movement field, with several "lanes" to switch to up and down to add depth to the game, using Up and Down on the D-Pad. You have a dash attack by pressing A twice, the ability to stack two or three Warners in a tower formation to reach places your normal jump can't, and a slot machine on the bottom of the screen to provide bonuses or penalties when the slots align to specific characters on it after collecting a certain amount of coins.

The Warners don't have special abilities of their own to use in this version of the game compared to the Genesis version, they all control and function the same as the next. The only difference is if you lose a Warner, the stack isn't as effective and if you lose 2, you can't form it at all.

You start with no continues, and the Warners on-screen are essentially the closest thing to having a life counter in this game. When you get hit once by certain objects and enemies, get caught by Ralph or fall in a pit or water, the Warner you're controlling is captured and you switch to another, technically losing a "life". When all three Warners are captured, it's Game Over and you go back to the title screen if you have no continues left, or you start back at the beginning of the level if you do. You can get them all back by going to the Water Tower in the center of the map and completing a jumping puzzle to the top. Unlike the other levels, falling there won't result in losing a Warner, so you can keep trying as often as you like.

You can earn continues from getting 100 coins or by aligning all three Plotz icons on the slot machine to give you an extra continue. Using a continue starts you from the beginning of the level instead of the beginning of the game, but only with the last Warner that was captured. Collecting 5 coins earns you a spin on the slot machine to get more rewards. Silver coins have a value of one, gold ones are valued at 10 coins. The other Warners you're not controlling also have the ability to pick up coins.

The slot machine will continue to spin as long as there's one spin left in the "hold" part of the HUD, even when you're outside of a level and on the map screen. You can also press L to stop the slots early.

Slot Machine Rewards

Most of them need three in a row to acquire, otherwise nothing happens.

  • Slappy Squirrel, Skippy Squirrel, Chicken Boo: Gives extra coins or multiplies your current coins by 2
  • Yakko, Wakko and Dot: Gives back all captured Warners. They can appear in any order on the slots.
  • Hello Nurse: Temporary invincibility, except for falling into pits, etc. Also stops the slots from rolling until shield disappears.
  • Plotz: Extra continue
  • Ralph, Pinky, Brain: Takes coins away/cuts current coins in half


There are 4 studio levels, 5 including the boss rush and final fight with Pinky and the Brain in the Editing Room level, and not counting the Water Tower rescue level and Tutorial level at the Studio HQ: Fantasy, Adventure, Sci-Fi, and Aquatic. Each stage has different sections to progress through inside and different amounts of script pages to collect in the form of books, some of which can be acquired by defeating a boss at the end of it, others will have you straying from the path to get them, collecting chains of coins without missing even one of them, dashing through chains of enemies or in the case of the final boss fight, damaging it a different way than the norm.


  • Even though Ralph works for Thaddeus, he along with many other enemies, like Pinky and the Brain and their minions, stand in the Warners' way, despite their jobs to get the pages back from Thaddeus himself.
  • Getting Yakko, Wakko, and Dot in any order on the slots gives you back all of your lost Warners without having to exit the level you're on and go back to the Water Tower.
  • Ralph, Pinky, and the Brain on a slot machine takes away coins. Ralph makes you lose all of your coins, Pinky makes you lose 10 coins, and Brain cuts the coins you have in half.
  • The final segment of the Aquatic Stage is set in the ships of H.M.S. Yakko, with Captain Mel as a boss.
  • The final segment of the Fantasy Stage is set in Anvilania.


  • Adventure Stage: Tarzan, Raiders of the Lost Ark (lost temple with a sequence pursued by a big rock), E.T. (the minecart segment ends with the cart flying in front of the moon while a version of the famous theme plays)
  • Aquatic Stage: Jaws (one of the shark pursuits even features a version of the famous theme)
  • Fantasy Stage: Alice in Wonderland (opens with the white rabbit being pursued, ends in a castle filled with card soldiers), The Neverending Story (flying dog-like creature), Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Sci-Fi Stage: Alien (eggs that throw Facehuggers, a grown Alien with an eggplant for a head), Star Wars (a garbage can-like R2D2, a scarecrow-like C-3PO, rolling boulders shaped like the Death Star), The Terminator (pursuit by a truck, from whose flaming wreckage comes a robot)