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Sad Brain is a song sung by an unseen singer (Rob Paulsen) from the Pinky and the Brain episode "The Real Life." It is a parody of "Behind Blue Eyes" by The Who.


After Brain is kicked out of the program by The Real Life due to spending the cast house money on a satellite for his latest plan, he solemnly walks away and the song begins to play. The lyrics reflect Brain's own sadness and tiring desires for world domination. As the song goes on, the lyrics begin to get more insulting towards Brain himself. He then storms into a room where a The Real Life technician is blasting the song from, and angrily demands that he shut it off (which he does). Brain describes the song as "maudlin music."


Nobody knows how it feels
To have a Sad Brain
To have a Bad Brain
Stuck in your head
But your dreams of being ruler
Have left you high and dry
You're a sad and, lonely loser!