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Sandy Dreckman is a bumbling network executive featured during Brain's nightmare in the Pinky and the Brain cartoon "You'll Never Eat Food Pellets In This Town Again." He manages a certain network in the episode.


Dreckman has gray hair and wears a suit with a blue tie.


Dreckman is a typical network executive- bumbling, motivated by ratings and willing to do anything to secure high ratings (including compromising the artistic integrity of his programming). He is difficult to reason with and always gets his way. Sandy Dreckman is also shown to be quite arrogant.



In the world of Brain's nightmare, Sandy Dreckman had been established as the head of the network. He was apparently on friendly-ish terms with Pinky and his puppet wife Margaret to send them a Tiffany candy dish.

Pinky and the Brain

Dreckman calls for a meeting with Pinky and the Brain to discuss the latest season ratings result for their show. He reports that the show had experienced an "enormous" decline in the latest sweeps (in actuality, it is a tiny decline). He calls for a revamp of the show as a result to "save it." Dreckman then brings in representatives from market research, Stu and Tim, to present proposals for the revamp- all of which are safe, corporate-friendly sitcom tropes. Despite protest from the mice, the revamp goes ahead. When the mice quit the show, Dreckman arranges for The Dukes of Hazard to later take-over their roles (with help from the mice's former agent, Nifty Bizarre).



  • Sandy Dreckman is obviously a dig at then-real-life WB Network executive and founder Jamie Kellner, the man responsible for ending Pinky and the Brain and Animaniacs. The official plot synopsis for "You'll Never Eat Food Pellets In This Town Again" on digital outlets such as iTunes and Hulu even go as far as to refer to Dreckman as Jamie Kellner himself.
    • Additionally, part of his last name comes from the word "Dreck" (which means "rubbish, trash").
    • Kellner, ironically, was the one who was initially pushing the network's decision to go all-in with Pinky and the Brain for the network's primetime schedule in 1995.[1]



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