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For his super-hero counterpart, see Aqua-Claus

Santa Claus is a fictional figure who bring presents to kids on Christmas Eve.


Animaniacs (Original Series)[]

Pinky and the Brain[]

Animaniacs (Reboot)[]


  • Both Chicken Boo and the Brain have acted as mall/department store Santas. Ralph has also posed as Santa to fulfill WB's contractual duties of delivering presents to the Warner siblings.
  • Santa is one of the few characters who has never harbored any ill-will towards Chicken Boo.
  • In the song "Noel," Yakko claims to Wakko that Santa won't be too pleased if the younger Warner brother doesn't learn how to spell his name without an "L."
  • Santa's reboot voice actor, John DiMaggio, has also voiced other incarnations of him. These include the evil Robot Santa from Futurama and Santa Claus in the Unikitty! episode "Top of the Naughty List."