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"Goodfeathers. All they got goin' for themselves is bein' hooked up with us."

Sasha is a pink pigeon hen who appeared in the "Goodfeathers" segments of Animaniacs. She is one of the Girlfeathers, Squit's recurring girlfriend, and Pesto's older sister, who shares his temperamental issues.


Sasha is a tall pigeon hen with pink-colored feathers; her top half is a light shade, with a more fushia-color below her neck. She has an orange beak, pink feet, and large black eyes.

Her "featherdo" is upturned and a bit fluffed, and she has three feathers making up her tail. She is stated to be middle-aged.[1]


Sasha and her brother Pesto share the same short temper, though hers seems to be even shorter than his, and she has been known to scare him at times; his "what's that supposed to mean?" catchphrase preceeding slapstick seems to come from her.[2] She's a bit controlling and hot-headed, and quick to resort to physical attacks when angered. She also will speak to anyone who isn't one of her Girlfeathers in quick, snappy remarks and/or threats of violence.

Sasha is shown to have a softer side, as when hanging out with her Girlfeathers she is considerably nicer, and they all seem very loyal to and supportive of each other.[3] She also seems to be very protective of her unnamed egg.[2]



Sasha is Pesto's sister, Squit's girlfriend and the leader of the Girlfeathers. She is very tempramental with everyone but Lana and Kiki, who she is quite supportive of, and they often travel and chat amiably about their casual lives in a very fast-paced back-and-forth. Her and the girls have no stake in the Goodfeathers' territorial disputes or fights, and believe the only thing the Goodfeathers have going for them is "being hooked up with us."[3] They do, however, perch with them on the Martin Scorsese statue.[1]

Sasha and Pesto have a rocky sibling rivalry, and it's clear that Sasha intimidates him and won't hesitate to beat him up if he does something wrong.[2] It is unclear what her relationship is to the rest of her family, though it is notable that she didn't come to her mother's remarriage, nor was she mentioned in that episode.[1]

She is Squit's girlfriend, and while he is very happy to see her and spend time with her, she doesn't react to him much.[3] She does express a desire to get married "before she's dead" and may be engaged to him in "Pigeon on the Roof," though this sketch is later confirmed to be scripted, leaving that aspect of their relationship status unclear. Sasha also has an egg in "With Three You Get Eggroll," which she is very protective of. It is unknown who the egg's father is; despite interacting with the egg for most of the episode, Squit never claims to be the father, and refers to it as "your egg" when talking to Sasha.



  • Despite appearing in a later segment of the same episode, Sasha is notably absent from "Miami Mama-Mia," in which Pesto's mother remarries, nor is she mentioned by Pesto or Molly. This could imply that she and Pesto have different mothers, that she and her mother don't have a good relationship, or simply that the writers forgot about her for an episode.
  • She shares her voice actress, Tress MacNeille, with her fellow Girlfeather, Kiki.