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Satan (sometimes known as Mr. Itch), is the lord of Hades and the main villain in the Warner short "Hot Bothered and Bedeviled", as well as the Pinky and the Brain episode "A Pinky and the Brain Halloween." Due to his phylosopical interpretation, the episode was almost banned [1].


He is a shapeshifter who usually sports bloody red skin, yellow eyes, and burgundy legs. He also owns a dog named Cerberus. As Mr. Itch, he takes on a vampiric-humanoid appearance.



The Warners first break inside his realm with a mallet, thinking it's Five Flags to Flushing. However, the Devil informs them that they are in Hell. Wakko runs to a snowy landscape, grabs a snowball, and returns with it, placing it on the floor. He says, "They were right. It didn't have a chance!", referencing A Snowball's Chance in Hell. Hades then tries to harm the Warners with Cerberus, his dog. However, Dot shows him her pet, making him flee.

Satan attempts to throw them in a room with a whiny protestor from the 60s, singing, " Oh, I hate the government, more than you and me, the government stole my goldfish, and unplugged my TV". However, used in episodes 4 and 48, when he throws the Warners in, he gets thrown in instead. After getting angry and insulted, The Devil grows in size. Wakko says he can do it too, making his neck stretch and pretending to be a giraffe. Satan engages in a competition with Wakko to see who can grow larger. Eventually, The Devil grows so big he gets his horns stuck in the ceiling. He shrinks back down to normal size and says, "Blasted horns. I knew I should've gotten them trimmed". After getting himself unstuck and falling to the floor, the Warners set a stage for Satan and try to get him to tell jokes. Satan says that he's nervous, but this is a ruse to allow the Warners to escape to the River of Styx.

Later, the Warners are on a boat with the Grim Reaper, singing a song about Purgatory. When they leave the boat, Satan blocks their way with an army of demons around him, growing in size again and telling them that this is the end. Yakko asks his siblings if they have an idea, but neither has one. Yakko then freezes the entire place by saying, "Freeze Frame!". Hades gets angry and kicks them out, where they land in Heaven. As the Saint is about to introduce his name, Dot interrupts him by saying, "Excuse me, but would you be a doll and hold that thought?".

Pinky and the Brain[]


Model sheet for Mr. Itch

Mr Itch Lashes Out

In A Pinky and the Brain Halloween, Satan appears as Mr. Itch. He attempts to manipulate Brain into selling his soul for world domination, but winds up with Pinky’s soul instead. Brain then ventures to Hell and takes on Mr. Itch in a match of rhythmic gymnastics to save Pinky. Mr. Itch loses Pinky’s soul after failing to fulfill one part of his contract (giving him a radish rose-whatchamawhozit). He then transforms into an appearance similar to his more traditional appearance and chases the two mice out of hell.