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The Schmeerskahoven is a song from Pinky and the Brain that plays throughout the three Brainwashed episodes. It is a parody of the Macarena, a song that had achieved massive popularity at the time.


In-universe, it is a hypnotic dance number written by Precious (alias "Pseudo Nym") and performed by Swedish super-group BAAB (a parody of ABBA). The more one dances this song, the dumber they become. After performing the final verse, the person reverts to a cat-like state. The Brain later sabotages the song with his own verse to undo the damage of the song and save humanity (with it being performed by Bobby-Bob Yokel). The song is later redone in the ending chorus, remixed with the standard Pinky and the Brain theme song.


Put your fingers in your ears and stick them in your belly
Don't be afraid if it jiggles like jelly
Yeah, Schmeerskahoven!
Wave your hands in the air like you won a big prize
Bop yourself on the head and cross your eyes
Yeah, Schmeerskahoven!

Precious's Third Verse[]

Drop down to your knees and try to look pretty
Chase your tail in a circle and meow like a kitty
Yeah, Schmeerskahoven!

Brain's Final Verse[]

Give yourself a hug like the air is chilly
Put your hands on your face and slap yourself silly
Yeah, Schmeerskahoven!
Do your own thing get your body groovin'
Just say no to the Schmeerskahoven!
No, Schmeerskahoven!

Ending Chorus[]

One's real smart and the other's head is granite!
Each night they try to take over the planet.
They're dinky,
They're Pinky and the Brain
Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain!