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Dot talking about what's going to happen in Season Two after being asked a question about it.

Due to initially being picked up for two seasons, the first season of the Animaniacs reboot was able to be written simultaneously with the second, which allowed its writers to have segments for the first be written to include characters, ideas, and/or plot threads that the latter second season would pick up on when it premiered. One segment that took advantage of this was "The Warners' Press Conference" from the reboot's first season, when Dot reveals some of the plots that would be featured in the next season before a Warner Bros. security guard cut her off and forced the conference to end early. These segments included:

  • A parody of Oliver Twist, which was actually confirmed more than a year prior to the reboot's debut, thanks to an Instagram post from series animation director Brett Varon with a script featuring Yakko, Wakko, and Dot being dressed as orphans, possibly alluding to it. The post also confirms that the parody would be in Episode 21.[1]
  • The Warners getting addicted to caffeine, which ended up on the cutting room floor.
  • Dot having another solo number, involving a subject that she seemed to be excited about, which would also not end up happening.

In a Collider Interview made on the day the reboot was released, series producers Gabe Swarr and Wellesley Wild talk about future episodes:

  • One episode is talked about in the beginning of the interview is on Christopher Columbus and how views on him have changed since the 90s.[2]
  • Cartoon creator Jorge R. Gutierrez teased in a tweet on the reboot's opening day that he would be doing some guest voice work on the show describing as “a famous chubby Mexican painter and muralist married to a spicy artist, and more famous, muse." This character was eventually dropped from the season later on.

In a special episode of Rob Paulsen’s podcast Talkin’ Toons, Rob and Maurice LaMarche talk about how future seasons are going be “deeper” specifically the Pinky and the Brain segments.[3]

As with the original series, the reboot's intro includes a bit where Yakko taps on people's heads like a xylophone, mainly the Warners' 'special friends'. The Conductor from Here Comes Treble, Dr. Walter Grubb, Nils Niedhart, Dr. Scratchansniff, Serge Sokolov, and the backstage hipster from Of Mice and Memes (a Pinky and the Brain segment, oddly enough, though he could potentially appear as an antagonist in a future Warner segment?) have appeared in Season One.

Alongside them could be possible antagonists for Season Two.

A strange carrot humanoid, an black knight with curly red hair, a gray wolf in a red shirt, a man in a green dinosaur suit (who technically appeared in Suspended Animation Part 2 but, like the backstage hipster, might have a bigger role in a future episode?) and a man wearing a weird hat (although he, upon closer inspection, could just be a poorly-detailed, miscolored Jay-Pac).

Starbox and Cindy is now a recurring segment. [4]