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Serge Sokolov is the Russian counterpart of Steven Spielberg and the Director of some of the most prominent Russian Bootleg Films and shows, and the Russian bootleg version of Animaniacs -- Anima-Nyet, debuting in the episode of the same name.

Kevin Michael Richardson provides the voice of Sokolov.

Physical Appearance[]

Sokolov is wearing an Russian outfits with Russian hats,he wearing an Neckbands on his neck,he's hair and face look like Steven Spielberg, but with weird, yellow teeth. He holds a megaphone and camera.


Serge Sokolov is obedient to support Russian Leader Vladmir Putin,and he's always never stop for bootlegging,and he's ordering

And he's so grumpy and outrageous and always Let Yakkov, Wakkov, and Dotski to follow his rules.


  • Serge Sokolov is an Russian parody of Animaniacs Executive Producer Steven Spielberg.