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Sis is a seemingly non-sentient spool of thread and Pinky's sister. She appears in "The Family That Poits Together, Narfs Together," the fifty-third episode of Pinky and the Brain.


Sis is a small, empty, brown spool of thread. For her appearance on The Squeege and Kathy Glee Show, she wears a pink bow tied around herself.


Sis is described by her family as "vivacious" and "lovely." Pinky also says that she was a "people person" and loves her dearly. Her family also seems to understand her, despite nobody else hearing her say anything.

According to her brother, she likes pretzels, and she would "chase him" on occasion as a game.



Sis was born to an unnamed father and mother in a pet store, Totally Pets, as the sister of Pinky. She was named "Sis," but preferred the nickname "Sis." The family was separated when Pinky was very young, all being put into cages and split apart. Sis was sold to a petting zoo.

Pinky and the Brain[]

Sis was found at the petting zoo by the Brain, who was attempting to organize a family reunion for Pinky so that they could win money on a talk show. While his attempt to confiscate her under the guise of quarantining her didn't work, he was able to pick her up as she was, after all, an empty spool of thread.

In order to prepare them for the talk show, Brain put Pinky's family through the Acme Gene-Splicer so that they would become more sentient; despite his initial refusal, he put Sis through the splicer to make Pinky less upset at him. Unfortunately for him, both Pinky's father and mother were as oblivious and airheaded as their son, if not moreso, and Sis continued to be an empty spool of thread. Pinky's family proceeded to annoy Brain throughout the entire quest, to the point where he tried to replace them before going onto the talk show to avoid embarassment. However, after they wandered onto the set, Pinky claimed them as his family and they won the prize– a $25k vacation all around the world. The family was a exciteed to take another trip in the "big hollow bird."

During their trip, Pinky's family sent him postcards home, and though they didn't know how to write, they would dip their paws in ink and walk around the card.[1]