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— Skippy Squirrel

Skippy Squirrel is Slappy's cheerful nephew and often serves as the voice of reason between the two. They often have different points of views, with Skippy thinking of the safety of his aunt. However, despite his cheerful nature, he has multiple moments (especially in the comics) where he adopts his aunt's violent nature.


According to the episode "One Flew Over The Cuckoo Clock," Skippy's teacher's name is Mrs. Munk. In the episode "And Justice For Slappy...", Skippy deals with a bully at school, thanks to his guidance counselor Ms. Butley. Also, in some episodes, Skippy is often prone to tears, crying such as "Bumbie's Mom" (whenever he sees a sad movie) or "Soccer Coach Slappy" (whenever he gets hit in the face with a soccer ball).

There are beliefs on why Skippy's parents were never shown or referenced. Sherri Stoner, in character as Slappy, said in the Nostalgia Critic Tribute that Skippy's parents were on a trip, occasionally sending pay-checks. However, in the episode "One Flew Over The Cuckoo Clock", when Slappy is temporary unable to look after him, he is in a foster home, showing that he had no parents to be sent to.



  • Skippy is voiced by Nathan Ruegger, the eldest son of producer Tom Ruegger.
  • According to interviews Tom Ruegger would have Skippy grown up, but jobless and still living with Slappy in the then-hypothetical revival series, with his aunt desperate to get him out of the house.
  • From Season 5 to Wakko's Wish, Nathan's voice started to get high-pitched, due to him entering puberty and starting to have a lower voice.