The opening card

Slappy Squirrel is a segment that features Slappy Squirrel, a grumpy veteran cartoon squirrel, and Skippy Squirrel, her chipper, happy nephew.

Slappy often faces may foes from her past, like Walter Wolf, Sid the Squid and Beanie the Brain-Dead Bison.

They often solve the problems in each segment with exaggerated cartoon violence to help her and her nephew.

Segment Themes

Both themes are sung by Yakko, Wakko, and Dot.

Version 1

The crankiest of creatures in the whole wide world, our next cartoon features Slappy The Squirrel!

Slappy: "Enough with the singing already!"

That's Slappy!

Version 2

She's a cranky old critter, she's bitter, we warn ya, she lives in a tree house in Burbank California, along with her nephew, he says spew, he's cheerful, when his aunt starts to rant, she gives him an earful, she's grumpy, he's happy, it's generation gappy, take a whirl with the squirrels, Skippy and Slappy!

Slappy: "Eh, put a sock in it!"

That's my aunt Slappy!!


  1. "Slappy Goes Walnuts" (S01E03B)
  2. "Bumbie's Mom" (S01E08B)
  3. "Little Old Slappy from Pasadena" (S01E13C)
  4. "Hurray for Slappy" (S01E16B)
  5. "Guardin' the Garden" (S01E22A)
  6. "I Got Yer Can" (S01E27B)
  7. "Critical Condition" (S01E36A)
  8. "...And Justice for Slappy" (S01E45B)
  9. "Twas the Day Before Christmas" (S01E49A)
  10. "Frontier Slappy" (S01E51B)
  11. "Small Ya Later" (S01E58B)
  12. "Woodstock Slappy" (S01E59B)
  13. "Scare Happy Slappy" (S01E62A)
  14. "No Face Like Home" (S01E64B)
  15. "Rest in Pieces" (S03E01B)
  16. "Nutcracker Slappy" (S03E02B)
  17. "Three Tenors and Your Out" (S03E03B)
  18. "Gimme a Break" (S03E04B)
  19. "Method to Her Madness" (S03E05B)
  20. "My Mother the Squirrel" (S03E10A)
  21. "Soccer Coach Slappy" (S03E12A)
  22. "One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock" (S04E01)
  23. "Bully for Skippy" (S05E02B)
  24. "The Sunshine Squirrels" (S05E06B)
  25. "The Christmas Tree" (S05E07A)