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For her various Animaniacs episodes, see Slappy Squirrel (Segment).

Within the Animaniacs franchise, Slappy Squirrel has been shown to star in her own in-universe cartoons (often credited as "Slappy, The Slap-Happy Squirrel"). Many of these cartoons were classified under Looney Tunes. For the most part, Slappy's cartoons were well-received (with the initial exceptions of critics Lene Hisskill and Codger Eggbert). The cartoons are particularly adored by Slappy's nephew Skippy.

Memorabilia from her career adorns both her standard home and her Pensacola home[1], such as awards and posters.


Slappy's cartoons typically feature her going up against some foe and outsmarting them, with the most notable being Walter Wolf. In some of her other cartoons, she is joined by Suzy Squirrel.



  • "Cave Girl Slappy" (1932; directed by Piz Peeners) [2]
  • "Heigh-Ho Slappy" (1938; directed by Weed Memlo) [3]
  • "Pocket Full of Squid" (1941; directed by Laurie Kipton) [4]
  • "Pardon My Stiff" (1942; directed by Spats Melnik) [5]
  • "Something Smells Funny" (1943, directed by Laslo Flute) [6]
  • "Wap Wap Wappy Slappy" (1944; directed by Stubby Winker) [7]
  • "Blow Up Beanie" (Unknown Year) [8]
  • "Slappy Goes Nutz" (Unknown Year) [9]
  • Unknown cartoon where Slappy and Walter quarrel at a construction site [10]
  • Unknown cartoon where Slappy blows Walter up with TNT [11]

Slappy and Suzy

The following shorts are shown in "The Sunshine Squirrels":

  • "Squirrely Girls" (Directed by Spike Calimari)
  • "Nutty Nurses" (Directed by Skeetz Edwards)
  • "USO NO!" (Directed by Lance Boyle)



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