1. Smakko is not a character on Animaniacs. But, he is a character in our minds and imaginations. Mostly mine, as others could never think of a character as stupid as what my brain could think up. Fun Fact: brains don’t think up, they think down. Now, back to our regularly scheduled program. Wait, wait wait wait wait. Does anybody have a tissue? *sniff* I could really use one. NOW back to our regularly scheduled program. Smakko is the oldest of the charicters, often bulling and stuff to them. The Warners would not like when Smakko would stuff them. If you don’t get that, you are probably reading through the article to fast. And I like peanuts. I hope you like peanuts. You might be allergic to peanuts. That would not be fun. I hope if you are allergic to peanuts you could try some some day. Without being allergic, obviously. Maybe you’ll outgrow the allergy. Or try some in heaven. Maybe your not allergic to peanuts, and reading through this article with a weird look on your face. Can you raise one eyebrow? I can. I can only raise the right one though. Or left, if you are looking at me from the front. One time I had this teacher that would teach us to write by drawing the letters in the air with our fingers. She did it facing us, the class, but around half way through the year she realized we were all drawing the letters backwards, because of perspective and all that. So, after that she would write the letters in the air facing the other way, her back facing us. But, she was so fat we could not even see what she was writing. She must of eaten to many McDonald‘s Double McTriple Bun with Quad-Stuffed Beef Patties and Mega Mozzorella Cheese plus Extra-Dipped Kechup also dipped in twenty foot deep grease traps (not sponsored). I wonder if that exists. Maybe in China. Oh, and that reminds me, of Smakko, because he‘d always smack when he eight. Notice I spelled ‘ate’ wrong. I should stop now, incase you go mentally insane reading this. You probably already are (no offense).
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