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Alien with Dot

One of the aliens with Dot.

The Space-Probed Aliens are an unnamed race of giant-eyed, green aliens from "Space-Probed." They serve the Toe, and travel around in a UFO. One of the aliens, known simply as "Gold-Robes," is in charge of an inspection of the Warners (he is of course, humiliated by the kids.)

Physical appearance[]

The aliens are green with black eyes, and a swollen head. Most of them wear blue robes that fall down to their feet; one of them wears a gold robe with a gold hood (which does not cover his feet, revealing him to have black feet), with an even more swollen head, designating him as leader of the inspection of the Earth creatures, (which the other aliens resent)

The females of the species have wider heads, wear more than just robes, and have orange hair.


Gold-Robe is in charge of finding Earth creatures and inspecting them (and for finding Toe a Q-Tip). They really want to investigate some "typical Earth creatures" and find out more, but they don't really understand Earth traditions like Tag very well. (They know at least that being "It" is undesirable) Unlike Dot, they don't dream of wealth or fame, but just a chance to be more powerful than Gold-Robe, along with some non-human glyphs.

They speak a language that phonetically is markedly similar to English, presumably based on glyphs.

Most of the aliens are attracted to a hippo-mermaid cross, but Gold-Robe doesn't seem interested in that and instead just wants to research.


  • Wakko and Yakko make a habit of calling the golden robed one "Yoda".
  • The aliens' necks are elastic; Yakko smacks one of the aliens and his head bounces very fast.
  • They have Elvis Presley, Amelia Earhart, Sasquatch and Jimmy Hoffa aboard the ship in one scene. a black alien like the one in the film Alien in a big dark room with chains that drip acid, and Pinky and the Brain in one of the scenes immediately after, aboard the ship. None of the fates of those characters were completely absolute.