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This is a Golden Talking Tale based off of the episode of the same name, written by Michael Caughill. The storybook has 11 buttons which play 9 sound effects like Wakko hammering, Toe's nail being filed, a vacuum cleaner, a squish, a kiss, alien noises, a whack and a treadmill as well as dialogue between the 3 siblings. Whenever a light blinks, the reader must push the button by the light to trigger a conversation between Yakko, Dot and Wakko.

Space Probed



"Exsqueeze me?"

"Something tells me we're not in northern Wisconsin anymore."


"Tag, you're it!"

"You're the nicest toe I've ever met."


"(LAUGHTER) Oh, that's funny!"


"Stop, it's killing me!"



  1. YAKKO: Call it a hunch, but I think we've been abducted by aliens!/DOT: Aliens?! Whatever shall we do?/YAKKO: Let's go find the cafeteria!/DOT: I hope they have space weenies.

2. DOT: Oh look, it's an alien. How cute!/YAKKO: Awwww!

3. WAKKO: What gives?/YAKKO: We're either going to be examined or dry cleaned.

4. WAKKO: Ow./YAKKO: Owie./DOT: Eeeww!/YAKKO: Now that's gotta tingle a little bit.