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Ivan Bloski, who was actually branded as a 'Special Friend'.

A 'Special Friend' is the title given to the antagonists that Yakko, Wakko, and Dot deal with in their segments. 'Special friends' range from business moguls to the supernatural and everything in-between. It is one of the more prominent running gags throughout the segments.They are described in the show bible as "people who are: pompous, rude, snide, bossy, cruel, boastful, and selfish. The Warner Brothers take the offensive against the Offensive."[1]

But not all 'special friends' are inherently bad; some like Dr. Scratchansniff, Michelangelo, or Albert Einstein are either just doing their job or in need of urgent help for a dilemma. Even while on the Warners' good side, they are still the target of their antics.

Animaniacs (Original Series)[]

Season 1[]

Episode 1: De-Zanitized

  • Dr. Scratchansniff is the first introduced 'special friend', eventually becoming a recurring target of the Warners' antics.

Episode 2: Cookies for Einstein

  • Albert Einstein is a target of the Warners' antics after denying their scout cookies.

Episode 3: H.M.S. Yakko

  • Yakko tells the viewer that Captain Mel is their "New Best Friend" before Mel threatens to kill them for crossing on his private pirate property, 'New Best Friend' is indistinguishable from a Special Friend.

Episode 4: Hooked on a Ceiling

  • Michelangelo, after refusing to let the Warners paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, becomes the target of their antics

Episode 5: Taming of the Screwy

  • Dr. Scratchansniff and Thaddeus Plotz are targeted by the Warners for forcing them to have good manners at the party (although they weren't trying to be mean to Scratchansniff)

Episode 6: Temporary Insanity

  • Plotz is a frequent target for the Warners' antics while the Warners try to be his secretaries

Episode 7: Piano Rag

  • While on the run from Ralph, Hello Nurse, and Dr. Scratchansniff, the Warners hide in a piano recital; the pianist Tympannini is rudely disrupted by their antics.

Episode 8: The Big Candy Store

  • Ferman Flaxseed becomes a target after not letting the Warners steal from his Candy Shop

Episode 9: Wally Llama

  • Wally Llama is the Warners' target because he won't give a answer to their question.

Episode 10: King Yakko

  • Dictator Umlatt is the Warners' target for waging war on Anvilania

Episode 11: No Pain, No Painting

  • Pablo Picasso becomes a target of the Warners' antics while they be his models.

Episode 12: Garage Sale of the Century

  • Pa Bear is a target because he won't sell his garage to the Warners.

Episode 13: Hello Nice Warners

  • Mr. Director is the Warners' target because he forces them to be in his movie.

Episode 14: La La Law

  • The judge is the Warners' main target because he makes Scratchansniff pay for his parking ticket.

Episode 15: Space-Probed/Battle for the Planet

  • Some aliens are a target because they want to perform surgery on the Warners.

Episode 16: Chalkboard Bungle/Hurray for Slappy/The Great Wakkorotti: The Master & His Music

  • Miss Flamiel is a target because she is a cruel teacher to the Warners.

Episode 17: Roll Over Beethoven

Episode 18: Pavlov's Mice/Chicken Boo-Ryshnikov/Nothing But the Tooth

  • Rasputin is a target because he won't let Yakko fix his tooth and wants the Warners arrested

Episode 19: Meatballs or Consequences/A Moving Experience

  • Death is a target of the Warners because he wants take Wakko's soul

Episode 20: Hitchcock Opening/Hearts of Twilight/The Boids

  • Mr. Director is a target of the Warners because he went over budget on his movie

Episode 21: The Flame/Wakko's America/Davy Omelette/Four Score and Seven Migraines Ago

  • Abe Lincoln is the Warners target while they help write the Gettysburg Address

Episode 22: Guardin' the Garden/Plane Pals

  • Ivan Blotski doesn't want to be the Warners special friend and becomes a target of theirs eventually becoming their actual special friend

Episode 26: Testimonials/Babblin' Bijou/Potty Emergency/Sir Yaksalot

  • The usher is a target because he kicked the Warners out of the theater, King Arthur is their target while the Warners slay the dragon

Episode 28: Moby or Not Moby/Mesozoic Mindy/The Good, the Boo, and the Ugly

  • Captain Ahab is a target because he won't let the Warners stay on his boat

Episode 29: Draculee, Draculaa/Phranken-Runt

  • Dracula is a target of the Warners because he wants to suck Dot's blood

Episode 30: Hot, Bothered and Bedeviled/Moon Over Minerva/Skullhead Boneyhands

  • Satan is a target because the Warners want to escape his torture

Episode 31: O Silly Mio/Puttin' on the Blitz/The Great Wakkorotti: The Summer Concert

  • Miss Bruntwind is a target because she destroys the Warners stained glass of Weed Memlo after being asked to politely stop

Episode 34: Clown and Out/Bubba Bo Bob Brain

  • Mr. Clown is a target because of Wakko's fear of clowns

Episode 35: Very Special Opening/In the Garden of Mindy/No Place Like Homeless/Katie Ka-Boo/Baghdad Café

  • Sodarn Insane is a target of the Warners and Slappy because we wants to take over the world

Episode 36: Critical Condition/The Three Muska-Warners

  • While defending him from The Viper the king is a target of the Warners antics

Episode 37: Dough Dough Boys/Boot Camping/General Boo-Regard

  • Drill Sergeant Sweete is a target because he is a ruthless boss to the Warners

Episode 40: Casablanca Opening/Fair Game/The Slapper/Puppet Rulers

  • Because he scams his contestants Ned Flat is a target of the Warners

Episode 41: Buttermilk, It Makes a Body Bitter/Broadcast Nuisance/Raging Bird

  • Because he won't tip them Dan Anchorman becomes a target of the Warners antics

Episode 45: Mary Tyler Dot Song/Windsor Hassle/...And Justice for Slappy

  • While helping refurbish her castle the Queen of England is a target of the Warners antics.

Episode 46: Turkey Jerky/Wild Blue Yonder

  • Miles Standish is a target because he is harming the Warners pet turkey Mr. Gobbles

Episode 47: Video Review/When Mice Ruled the Earth

  • The t-rex is a target because he wants to eat the Warners

Episode 48: Mobster Mash/Lake Titicaca/Icebreakers

  • The mob boss Don Pepperoni is a target because he won't let the Warners eat in his restaurant

Episode 49: Very Special Opening/A Christmas Plotz/Little Drummer Warners

  • Thaddeus Plotz is a target of the Ghost of Christmas Warners because has been acting like a scrooge

Episode 50: 'Twas the Day Before Christmas/Jingle Boo/The Great Wakkorotti: The Holiday Concert/Toy Shop Terror/Yakko's Universe

  • The security system robot is a target because he won't let the Warners play with the toys

Episode 51: Branimaniacs/The Warners and the Beanstalk/Frontier Slappy

  • Ralph The Giant is a target because he wants to eat the Warners

Episode 52: Ups and Downs/The Brave Little Trailer/Yes, Always

  • Dr. Scratchansniff is Wakko's special friend while there trapped in the elevator

Episode 53: Drive-Insane/Girlfeathers/I'm Cute

  • Dr. Scratchansniff is the Warners target because he was rude and bossy toward them

Episode 55: Gold Rush/A Gift of Gold/Dot's Quiet Time

  • Jake the prospector is the target because he won't share his gold with the Warners

Episode 56: Schnitzelbank/The Helpinki Formula/Les Boutons et le Ballon/Kung Boo

  • Professor Otto von Schnitzelpusskrakengescheitmeyer is the Warners target while he sings his song

Episode 59: Ragamuffins/Woodstock Slappy

  • The Bakery Boss won't let the Warners eat the food so he becomes a target of their antics

Episode 60: Karaoke Dokie/Cranial Crusader/The Chicken Who Loved Me

  • Willie Slackmer won't let the Warners sing their song so he becomes a target of their antics

Episode 61: Baloney and Kids/Super Buttons/Katie Ka-Boom: The Driving Lesson

  • The creepy but dim witted Baloney is the Warners target because there scared of him

Episode 65: The Warners' 65th Anniversary Special

  • Buddy and other special friends throughout the Warners history such as Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt, Reagan, Jimmy Cagney, Weed Memlo and Yosemite Sam

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

Season 5[]

Animaniacs (Reboot)[]

Season 1[]

  • Episode 2 (Reboot): Warners Unbound
    • The Warners target Odysseus and his crew after he splashes them. However, they have to resort to different methods as Odysseus actually likes their torment. They eventually succeed by putting him on an island with a Trump-esque cyclops.
  • Episode 3 (Reboot): Gold Meddlers
    • The Warners target Nils Niedhart for throwing them out of the stadium. Unlike their other 'special friends', however, they actually take pity on him after he breaks down in defeat, and briefly wonder if they took their routine too far.
  • Episode 4 (Reboot): Bun Control
    • The Warners engage in an anime battle with Dwayne LaPistol after his bunnies end up destroying the water tower. Dwayne defeats them at first, but Wakko calls on some dingoes to sort out the mess, resulting in Dwayne being bagged and put in a truck.
  • Episode 5 (Reboot): Good Warner Hunting/Ralph Cam
    • In the former segment, Dr. Walter Grubb is a target of the Warners because he wants to hunt them. In the latter segment, the Warners target and actually fight a vampire.


Wakko's Wish[]