Squit 2.png
Full Name Squit
Segment Goodfeathers
First Episode The Monkey Song/Goodfeathers:The Beginning
Voice Actor Maurice LaMarche
Catchphrases As far back as I can remember...
"I just said..."
"No, I'm not saying that!"
"That's what I'm saying!"

Squit is a cautious and hopeless Goodfeather pigeon spoofing the main protagonist (played by Ray Liotta) of the film Goodfellas, and is the narrator of their cartoons (usually starting with "As far back as I can remember...."). He became a member of the birds in "Goodfeathers:The Beginning". He often ends up getting beaten up by Pesto for his innocent remarks. He has a gray head, a light gray body, and often shows a large toothy smile.

He is the most obedient and loyal of the three to the Godpigeon, but he usually ends up getting into a scuffle with Pesto, no matter how innocent his compliments are. He also appears to be the most cheerful of the group (probably the only cheerful one in the group).




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