Warners as drawn by StarToons

The Warners as animated by StarToons, as seen in the first variation of Slappy Squirrel's jingle.

StarToons was an animation studio in the USA that worked on some of the cartoons on Animaniacs. They animated the first Slappy Squirrel intro, the testimonials in episode 26, and the "Cartoons in Wakko's Body" segments in episode 33. StarToons filed for bankruptcy in 2001 and shut down shortly after.[citation needed]


Jon McClenahan, before creating StarToons, worked at Hanna-Barbera Australia inbetweening for Drak Pack, The All New Popeye Hour and Kwicky Koala, as well as Laverne and Shirley in the Army. However, on the next project, Private Olive Oyl, he was promoted to main animation assistant for Gerry Grabner, with whom he would do frame by frame analysises of Chuck Jones cartoons and "learned a lot from that".

Later on, Jon would go to work on several other new series such as The Mork and Mindy Show, The Pink Panther & Sons, The Berenstain Bears and Teen Wolf, among others.

In July—August of 1987, Wayne Dearing, the general manager at Hanna-Barbera Australia, called Jon into his office and announced that they were folding the studio. Jon was told to lay off the (approximately) twenty layout artists, the animators, and the inbetweeners. "I remember getting angry and misty-eyed at the same time," Jon says in his Platypus Comix interview. "Wayne was like a businessman. He was younger than me, he knew how to do things in a businesslike manner."[citation needed]

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