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Starbox is a character in the Animaniacs reboot. He used to be the commander of Grimlox, a ruthless space legion that has conquered many planets in the past. When he gives the conquering signal, his space armada comes to invade, but when he tries to invade Earth, a little girl named Cindy finds him in her sandbox where he landed and keeps him as a pet, leaving his armada waiting in orbit as he dropped the remote in his ship when Cindy picked him up.

He is constantly trying to escape Cindy's grasp, but always fails. He does not speak any human language, with his dialogue being composed of grunts and screams provided by Danny Jacobs.


Starbox is a small, dark grey alien with a large head, a thin body, black eyes with blue pupils, and a green tongue. His head somewhat resembles that of a stylized skull.


Starbox is similar to The Brain, both being hapless diminutive characters bent on world domination. However, unlike Brain, who just wants to make the world a better place, Starbox merely wants to destroy it and has no good intentions whatsoever.


Animaniacs (Reboot)[]


  • The character of Starbox was inspired by a photo of a naked alien being held like a toddler by two humans. [1]
  • Every other member of Starbox’s species is shown wearing clothes and in “Bathtime” his commander reacts with horror seeing his bare butt so it’s possible that his nudism is a personal trait.