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Starbox and Cindy is a segment in the Animaniacs reboot. The stars of this segment are the dire alien commander Starbox and his playful human "friend" Cindy.


The segments follows Starbox, the commander of a vicious diminutive extraterrestrial legion Grimlox, landing on Planet Earth. Once he presses the button on a remote to give the signal, Grimlox will invade and destroy the planet. Unfortunately, the place he ended up landing his ship was in the sandbox of a young girl named Cindy, who finds him and picks him up, causing him to drop the remote. Cindy thinks Starbox is some sort of animal and brings him to her bedroom, leaving him unable to give the signal and Grimlox waiting in orbit.

The segment involves Starbox trying to find a way to get to his ship, which still has the remote inside, while Cindy tells him random stories in the background and stops him from reaching it.

In Season 3, the leader of Grimlox grows impatient with Starbox, causing the leader to send an exterminator alien named Scout to eliminate Starbox, though Scout also falls victim to Cindy. Scout is eventually destroyed by his own weapon at the end of "Bedtime." Starbox grows a soft spot for Cindy; however, the leader of Grimlox reveals to have a lab full of Scout clones, ending on a cliffhanger.

List of Starbox and Cindy Cartoons[]


  • The segment was conceived after Katie Rice saw a photo of two humans holding a naked alien as if it were a toddler.[1]
  • Although there was some scripting, Cindy's dialogue was ad-libbed by Katie Rice's niece, Eleanor Johnson.[2]
  • The segment uses a different art style than the rest of the show, with there being more realistic character designs with thick, colored outlines and painterly backgrounds.
  • This is the only segment in the entire Animaniacs franchise where the segment's title appears again at the end.
  • Interestingly, the first two episodes where this segment is featured also featured Julia in their respective Pinky and the Brain segments.
  • Cindy could be compared to Tiny Toon Adventures and Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain character Elmyra Duff, as the two share some personality traits (though Elmyra acts far worse than Cindy).



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