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The Daytime Emmy Award-winning song "Suffragette City" is a song sung primarily by Dot Warner (with backup from Yakko and Wakko) in the eponymous segment of the Animaniacs reboot.

Characters from Looney Tunes, Tiny Toon Adventures, Hanna-Barbera and even Loonatics Unleashed and Screwy Squirrel make appearances in the song.


Dot Warner:
It's insane for us to think today
That woman used to have no say
In matters of the government
The line of thinking usually went:
You do not need a ballot to finish your needlepoint!
Even though men called them gorgons
And their corsets crushed their organs,
Suffragettes, they rocked the boat
To help us win the right to vote!
Suffragette roll call!
Elizabeth Cady Stanton:
Elizabeth Cady Stanton!
Susan B. Anthony:
Susan B. Anthony!
Sojourner Truth:
Sojourner Truth!
Dot and the Suffragettes::
We marched on Washington
We fought the fight!
We're independent women
Who demanded equal rights
Thank you, ladies! Thanks to you, I can vote!
[the suffragettes murmur]
Come again?
[a woman whispers to her]
Dot, enraged:
Dot, slightly calmer:
I've just been informed that cartoons don't have the right to vote!
Dot, now ready to riot:
This won't stand! This won't fly!
No animation without representation!
We toast 100 years of women voting in our nation
But as a disenfranchised toon, I seek emancipation
Saluting my foremothers in star-spangled petticoats
I respectfully submit: it's time to give cartoons the vote
Let's all march on Washington
Let's fight the fight
I might only be a drawing
But I still want equal rights
Come on! March! March for your rights!
March! March! March! For your cartoony rights!
March! March! March! For your cartoony rights!
Cartoons! You gotta march, march, march! March for your rights!
Come on, everybody! All together now!
Robots, monsters, Tiny Toons,
Sylvester, talking cars,
Ducks, dogs, bunnies, Elmer Fudd,
Whatever these guys are!
Road Runner, Pinky, Taz, The Brain,
Wile E. Coyote
It's time to band together, time to give cartoons the vote!
Don't be afraid to speak out! Tell us about the issues that affect you!
I've been out of work for six months due to a mallet-related injury!
Daffy Duck:
[in horrible pain] It'd be great to have a stunt double for all the cartoon violence!
Excellent! Let us tell the big wigs how we really feel!
Attention, Washington!
Every day, we're smashed and whacked!
Yakko Warner:
Every day, we're smashed and whacked!
It's time to take our anvils back!
Wakko Warner:
It s time to take our anvils back!
A pie for you, a pie for me!
Yakko and Wakko:
A pie for you, a pie for me!
This seltzer sprays equality!
This seltzer sprays equality!
We're coming to you live with reports of a tiny dog-puppy-lady... singing at Congress.
We besieged the legislatures
To secure our zany stature
Squirrelly tail entwined with Tweety wing
Hear our voices as we sing!
Aye! Aye! Aye! Aye!
And so, on the eve of the 100th anniversary of women securing the right to vote, cartoon characters today have successfully achieved that very same right. I think I speak for everyone when I say... God help us.
I'm Dot Warner, and I approve this message.
Porky Pig:
Th-Th-Th-That's democracy, folks!