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Suzy Squirrel is the old film partner of Slappy Squirrel from the 1930s. She made films for Warner Bros. with Slappy. According to Slappy, she wrote new gags into already funny skits and and screwed up the skits. Despite this, the films were successful. She voiced by Phyllis Diller. She appeared in the episode The Sunshine Squirrels.

Suzy's Fictional Filmography'[]

The following are shorts Suzy starred in with Slappy Squirrel, as shown in The Sunshine Squirrels:

  • "Squirrely Girls" (Directed by Spike Calimari)
  • "Nutty Nurses" (Directed by Skeetz Edwards)
  • "USO NO!" (Directed by Lance Boyle)


Animaniacs (Original Series)[]

  1. Episode 97 - The Sunshine Squirrels