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Teletoon+ (stylized as TELETOON+) is a Canadian English language streaming service owned by Teletoon Canada, Inc., a subsidiary of Corus Entertainment. Much like the broadcast channel it is named after, the channel's name is a portmanteau of "television" and "cartoon." It is available through Amazon Prime Video Channels, the Bell Fibe TV app, Virgin Plus, or RiverTV, for $5.99/month.

The channel launched on September 1, 2022, with the Animaniacs franchise being named as one of the "mega franchises" that will be represented on the channel.[1]

Animaniacs Productions Available on Teletoon+


Teletoon Plus with Nick branding


  • The channel will be succeeding Corus' Nickelodeon-oriented streaming service Nick+.
    • In the initial hours of the Teletoon+ Prime Video launch, the Nick+ logo was still temporarily displayed with Teletoon+ content.
  • On Prime Video's Teletoon+ catalogue, the logo art used for the original Animaniacs is actually a fan-made remake of the series logo by renardfox of DeviantArt.
  • New content is expected to be added daily for audiences. Additionally, new episodes of shows will be available on the service after the broadcast premieres in Canada (this will presumably include the Animaniacs reboot's premieres as well).[2]
  • During the initial launch of the channel, some episodes of the original Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain were unavailable. Eventually, 88/99 Animaniacs episodes and 51/65 Pinky and the Brain were made available.
    • The original Animaniacs is organized into four "seasons": "Season 1" (comprising of the show's first season), "season 2" (comprising of the entirety of the show's second and third seasons plus the season 4 premire), "season 3" (comprising of four episodes from the show's fourth season), and "season 4" (comprising of the show's entire fifth and final season). The episodes are organized in a similar manner to how Netflix and HBO Max organized the series.
    • The third and fourth seasons of Pinky and the Brain are consolidated into "Season 3" (much like what Hulu did).
  • Teletoon+ has continued to operate after the original Teletoon channel was retired in favor of a new Cartoon Network feed in late March 2023. Likewise, it has begun to receive new Animaniacs episodes following their Cartoon Network airings.

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