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Thaddeus Plotz, also known simply as Mr. Plotz, or T.P., Plotz-y, and Plotz (the latter three are nicknames from the Warners), is the main antagonist of Animaniacs. He was the CEO of Warner Bros. throughout the original series. He was replaced in the Animaniacs reboot by Nora Rita Norita. He is extremely short with a short temper to match. He is usually portrayed as an antagonist, but he is sometimes shown to have a good side and willing to even help whenever he can. He is voiced by Frank Welker.


Mr. Plotz is a short, stout man. He has balding white hair, and usually wears a blue suit jacket with gray pants.



Plotz with an angry face.

Mr. Plotz is very hot-headed and no-nonsense, the exact type of person the Warners specialize in annoying.

Like Wakko, he has a fear of clowns, as revealed in "Clown and Out". In spite of this, "Clown and Out" also shows that he has faced his fear in order to do something special for the Warners. As revealed in "The Warners 65th Anniversary Special", he worked in the front office of Warner Bros. Studios in the time of the Warners' creation. In "A Christmas Plotz", it is revealed that he took over the studio from his father by forcing him to retire.

In Wakko's Wish, he became the tax collector, Baron Von Plotz. He was briefly the mercenary of King Salazar.

Despite his hot-headed temper, Mr. Plotz has a caring side, means well, works hard, and also likes to help the others whenever he can.

In the Reboot[]

Plotz portrait

Mr. Plotz' portrait as seen in "Bun Control"

In the 2020 reboot, Plotz is revealed to no longer be the CEO of Warner Bros., with Nora Rita Norita in his place. However, he returned to the series in "Wakkiver Twist Part Two" as a judge. It is possible that after Nora took his place, he retired. A portrait of him hangs in Nora’s office. In the portrait, he has a different colored suit and tie and looks much older, implying he aged a lot between "The Scoring Session" (last episode of the original series) and "Suspended Animation." Though, this could just be the differences in character design between the original series and the reboot, or the resulting stress from years of dealing with the Warners gradually took a toll on his appearance.


Animaniacs (Original Series)[]

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Animaniacs (Reboot)[]




  • In international dubs, Plotz has slightly different names: Tadeo Plotz (Spain), Thaddäus Plotz (Germany), Pan Plotz (Poland).
  • Even though he disliked the Warners, he does have limits, such as in Wakko's Wish, where he was terrified at King Salazar's orders to kill them.
  • Frank Welker used Plotz's voice for the medieval king in "How to Brain Your Dragon." However, the king is a different character.
  • The word "plotz" is Yiddish (religious language) in origin, meaning to faint, or collapse, which is what he often does whenever the Warners wreak havoc on the studio.