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The Animaniacs Get DeZanitized is a graphic novel adaptation of the Animaniacs pilot segment "De-Zanitized." It was adapted from Paul Rugg's script by Suzanne Lord, illustrated by Animated Arts (with the cover drawn by Erik Doescher) and published on September 1, 1996 by Scholastic.

While the episode is spelled with a hyphen (De-Zanitized), this book title is consistently spelled without, so for the purposes of this article it will be referred to as such.




Dr. Scratchansniff explains how he first attempted to make the Warners sane after they escaped from the Water Tower, and how he lost his hair in the process. After his first encounter with the kids, the good doc is ordered by the CEO, Thaddeus Plotz, to keep the zany kids under control. After one unsuccessful try with the siblings together, he decides to talk with them separately, with no success either.

The graphic novel follows the same basic plot as the episode, with extended scenes and alterations made for the comic medium.

Differences from the Episode[]

Couch Talk[]

  • Instead of welcoming Porky Pig, after Humphrey Bogart enters the studio lot, Ralph greets the Li'l Rapscallions, Joan Crawford and Jimmy Cagney.
  • Scratchansniff's first therapy sessions are seen with an angry director, Carey Grant, Shirley Temple, Ronald Reagan (as in the episode, see note below), Bette Davis, Henry Fonda (with references to Peter and Jane Fonda), Marlon Brando, Harpo Marx, King King and then finally Clint Eastwood (as in the episode).
    • When Temple appears, Dot moves the comic panels and states that she's cuter than her.
    • During Reagan's session in the episode, he says that he had a dream about becoming president, to which Scratchansniff diagnosed him with incurable delusions of grandeur. In the comic, Reagan says that he has stopped having that dream, and Scratchansniff, in relief, declares him cured.
  • The Warners launch themselves from the tower as opposed to standing on the rail, and interact with the crowd before Scratchansniff.
    • Wakko immediately eats several bananas, saying that he's worked up an appetite after being locked up for so long.
    • Dot immediately kisses the Xenomorph before saying she was starved for attention.
    • Ralph tells Yakko he can't climb on a rope, before Yakko moves to the next panel and announces that because he is animated, he can do anything.
    • The Warners then proceed to interrupt a Lassie parody ("Klassy") by releasing a cat for the lead dog to chase around the lot. They then realize they've forgotten the plot and crash into the Psychiatry office.
  • As opposed to hanging from his window, the Warners leap into Scratchansniff's office, bounce around him (as bouncy balls at one point), before introducint themselves as the Warner brothers and the Warner sister– then, respectively, "the smart one," "the hungry one" and "the cute one."
  • Scratchansniff then forces the Warners back out the window. He then confusedly tells the audience to close the book, as the Warners are gone, before turning around and revealing the children behind him.
  • After the "gameshow" sketch, Yakko puts a sign labelled "IQ" above his head, saying that he's raising his IQ.
  • When Hello Nurse enters, the Warners are climbing on Scratchansniff as opposed to already in place. Yakko then "loses his heart" (a literal heart floats away), and he and Wakko say they'll follow her to the end of the book "and into the sequel." Following this, the Warners get into an argument about whether they are in the present or past tense.
  • Scratchansniff enters Plotz's office wondering if he is to receive a promotion. After Plotz announces the Warners are wreaking havoc, Scratchansniff requests that he stops yelling, and Plotz responds that he's not yelling, he's simply using "really big letters." (which still hurt Scratchansniff's ears)
  • We see a bit of the Warners' chaos following their meeting with Scratchansniff, including lighting a set on fire, dressing a mummy, and looking for dogs in a Western.
  • Plotz imitates Scratchansniff's accent while telling him to de-zanitize the Warners. After he says, "You're a psychiatrist, dummy!" Yakko moves up the page corner and asks if it's similar to a ventriloquist dummy.
  • The Warners' walk back to the psychiatry with Hello Nurse is omitted.
  • After being dropped off by Hello Nurse, Dot, instead of rolling up her brothers' tongues, ties them together and jumps rope with them, eventually knotting Wakko's tongue.
  • After Yakko says that Scratchansniff can "take all the umbrage," Wakko and Dot go looking for said umbrage. When Yakko then says "You want our fence, too?" Wakko and Dot feign a sobbing breakdown over losing their fence, before Dot begins a tap dance when Yakko says they're "tapped out." Dot is then angered that he doesn't want the fence, Yakko suggests a fencing match with the planks, and Wakko lights a match to get rid of the fence.
  • Scratchansniff asks for someone to tell the Warners to stick to the plot. Yakko and Wakko then appear with the word "plot" stamped across them, saying that thet plot has stuck to them, which Dot finds disgusting. The Warners then spin Scratchansniff to get him to "unwind."
  • Scratchansniff pokes Wakko on the nose. (Wakko then removes his nose to show to Dot.) Yakko then makes fun of the Doctor's saying of "ja," Dot says "who," Wakko yells "Wahoo," and they begin a cheerleading routine.
  • As Scratchansniff does the "monkey stuff," Wakko laughs and says, "I like him. He's silly. Can we keep him?" The Warners then award Scratchansniff an award for his performance.
  • Yakko says that Scratchansniff seems depressed. Wakko then attempts to press him with an iron, to which Dot urges the reader to close the book. As Wakko chases the doctor, Yakko and Dot continue to make puns.
  • Upon seeing Mr. Puppethead, Dot declares that Scratchansniff has "snapped, crackled and popped," and Wakko imitates a cuckoo clock.
  • When asked why he makes "the jokes," Yakko responds, "If not me, who then? That joker with his hand up your shirt? And you call this a comic book?" The Warners then attempt to flee from Mr. Puppethead.
  • When Scratchansniff pulls some of his hair out, the Warners stick around for longer making puns about it.

Dot to Dot[]

  • Scratchansniff gets confused when trying to refer to Dot as the "Warner Brother Sister."
  • Dot's opening line about her hatred of the nickname "Dottie" is omitted. Scratchansniff's line, "I didn't draw it!" is moved to before he says "It's not supposed to look like anything," putting the emphasis on draw instead of I.
  • When critiquing the inkblot, Dot appears in an artist's hat at an easel. She then shows off her painting (the Mona Lisa) to Scratchansniff.
  • When Dot is making the butterfly, she pulls the ink into her hands, then asks Scratchansniff to pick a hand. He apparently picked the wrong one.
  • When Dot "catches" Scratchansniff in her butterfly net, she then turns to the reader and says, "I can't help it if I'm cute. I'm just drawn this way."

Going Wakko![]

  • During this segment, Scratchansniff pulls off the remainder of his hair, while in the original episode his full head of hair did not disappear until his appointment with Yakko.
  • Scratchansniff remarks on Wakko's name, and wonders how he got it. Wakko then dryly responds, "You've got a pretty interesting name yourself, Doc. And I don't want to know how you got it!"
  • Scratchansniff then tells him he wants Wakko to feel free to talk about his neuroses, then asks him if he knows what neurosis is. Wakko, hearing "new roses," pulls roses out of nowhere.
  • When Wakko declares that his hair is on his head, a lightbulb appears above his head, which he then pulls on as he also removes his hat.
  • After Scratchansniff pulls out his hair, he bites on a pencil. Wakko, thinking it's time to eat, then pulls out a pile of food.
  • Wakko tells Scratchansniff to calm down, as he is "beside himself." Another Scratchansniff then appears for a panel.
  • Scratchansniff angrily asks if Wakko thinks he'll drive Scratchansniff crazy and make him an insomniac. Wakko then asks if someone who sleeps too much would be an "outsomniac." When the doctor tries to get them back on plot, Wakko gets distracted and begins hopping around the unfinished drawing.
  • When Wakko feels his nose, it honks.
  • When Scratchansniff says "Now we're getting somewhere," Wakko pulls out a suitcase and asks where they're going.
  • Right before Wakko pops himself, he holds up a sign reading "Be afraid. Be very afraid."
  • When Scratchansniff catches a deflated Yakko, instead of Wakko saying "excuse me," he remains deflated, and a panicked Scratchansniff begs him to say something, to which Wakko reinflates and kisses him, before running out and promising that they'll "play again" soon.

Me and My Yakko[]

  • Scratchansniff is seen researching on a computer before his appointment with Yakko.
  • When Yakko enters, he begins searching around the room, before saying that he's looking for Scratchansniff's temper. "Wakko said he thought you'd lost it." (He follows this up with a trademark "I don't write 'em, folks– I just say em!")
  • When Yakko says "brain," The Brain and Pinky enter, before being told they're in the wrong story.
  • As this alters the dialogue, the word association that Yakko plays is changed a little. Yakko also does a few transformations while they talk, such as dressing like a crossing guard as he says "cease" or as the the Terminator as he says "terminate."
  • Scratchansniff pushes Yakko out instead of throwing him out. (At this point, Pinky and the Brain are still outside the door.)
  • After Yakko tells Scratchansniff he is suffering from "acute Warneritis," Dot remarks that she is the cute one.


  • When the Warners escape, Scratchansniff refers to them as "an old animation experiment gone terribly awry." This marks the first time the Warners' creation has been referred to as an experiment, instead of them simply being toons drawn by an overworked animator.
  • Scratchansniff is seen treated Harpo Marx of the Marx Brothers, one of the main inspirations for the Warners.
  • Yakko's entrance into his solo session with Scratchansniff is seen, in which he says he is looking for Scratchansniff's temper, as Wakko had said he'd lost it. Though he passes this off as a dumb joke, it implies that Yakko's following treatment of Scratchansniff may be in response to his brother being shouted at.
  • The Goodfeathers make a cameo appearance atop a building on page 17.
  • On page 37, Dot uses Wakko's catchphrase "Faboo!"
  • On page 45, Wakko can be seen eating an apple core from Scratchansniff's trash can.