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The Fable of Brainy Jack is a song from the Pinky and the Brain cartoon "Brainy Jack." The song is performed by Pinky (Rob Paulsen) to spread the word of the "legendary" Brainy Jack.


In a parody of the song "One Tin Soldier," Pinky sings about the legend of Brainy Jack, Brain's persona in his latest plan. Throughout the song, Pinky also sings about Brainy Jack's hippie followers (in a somewhat insulting manner). In the end of the episode, the song is reprised for the ending chorus and mixed with the Pinky and the Brain theme.


Listen kiddies to a fable
That's unfolding as we speak.
About some stinky, dirty hippies
I tell ya, man, they really reek!
Far away in yonder village
The evil townsfolk were so mean
How they hate those smelly hippies
‘Cause townsfolk are squeaky clean!
Go ahead and be a meany!
Go ahead and be a jerk!
Chasin' after long-haired hippies
Really ain't exactly work!
‘Cause no one wants to hear you whinin’
When we take over the world!
There's got to be a mornin' after
When Brainy Jack's plan is unfurled!
Go ahead and be a meany!
Go ahead and be a jerk!

Ending Chorus[]

One of them's a little dippy,
One of them's sharp as a tack!
They're a pair of talking lab mice!
They're dinky,
They're Pinky and Brainy Jack,
Jack, Jack Jack, Jack!