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The Great Wakkorotti is a recurring segment on Animaniacs starring Wakko Warner as a classical performer.


He has the same vein as Luciano Pavorotti. However, instead of singing, he makes body noises melodically. He is often accompanied by Yakko on the piano and Dot shows up in the middle to give the Great Wakkorotti some soda (hot dogs, condiments, perfume and hand cream in his glove in "The Return of The Great Wakkorotti.") In three segments, he belches his way through "The Blue Danube" by Johann Strauss, "The Dance of the Hours" by Amilcare Ponchielli, and "Jingle Bells".

However, on one occasion, in "The Great Wakkorotti Returns", the Great Wakkorotti suffers from laryngitis and instead of belching, he hand farts his way through "Chinese Tea" from Tschaikovsky's Nutcracker, albeit the last note being a fart from his butt. This is also the only segment where he is accompanied by a full orchestra instead of a piano. At the end of each segment, the Great Wakkorotti is given thunderous applause and roses are thrown onto the stage as he bows and says, "Excuse me, oh excuse me! Excuse me, excuse me!”

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  • All the belching for the Great Wakkorotti is performed by Maurice LaMarche. All the belches are then programmed into a synthesizer to make the belching sound more melodic.

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