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"Who do you think you are bullying somebody around?!"
— The Gnome standing up to a bully of one of his child hosts

The Incredible Gnome in People's Mouths is a character in the Animaniacs reboot and is the lead character in the recurring segment of the same name.

Once a CEO named Michael Benton, he was transformed into a rage-driven gnome in a freak accident while searching for everlasting life. He now resides in people's mouths and pops out in a comical fashion speaking for them when they can't speak for themselves.

He is voiced by John DiMaggio.


He is a small garden gnome with a red cap, gold shirt, a large nose, and a long gray beard. As Michael Benton, he had brown hair, a white collared shirt, and a tan vest.


As Michael Benton, he was egotistical and searching for everlasting life. As the Gnome, he is driven by rage and is usually in a bad mood. He is constantly shouting and has no indoor voice. Despite his angry demeanor, he does mean well and ends up helping the people who he lives in and only speaks for them whenever he's 'needed', particularly for an unpleasant situation the said person is in, such as when they are being bullied and they can't stand up for themselves, or when they are being fined.



  • Originally, the Gnome was going to be called "The Gnome in Marsha's Mouth" and would say horrible things when the woman he inhabited, Marsha, tried to make a good impression, but the plotline was scrapped.[1]
  • Much of The Gnome’s concept seems to draw from The Incredible Hulk, specifically the 1970's TV series adaptation.
    • Michael Benton is the Bruce/David Banner to the Gnome’s Hulk.
    • The intro to The Incredible Gnome In People's Mouths is a spoof of the intro to the 1977 TV adaptation.
    • The ending of the first segment, where the Gnome walks along a country road is also a reference to the 1977 adaptation, complete with a parody of the show's ending theme, "The Lonely Man".