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The Incredible Gnome in People's Mouths is a segment in the Animaniacs reboot. It follows the titular gnome, who was once a man named Michael Benton. After an experiment for everlasting life went wrong and transformed him into a raging gnome, he now ventures into people's mouths to speak up for them when they cannot speak for themselves. The two segments have him inside a different individual.

According to Hulu's press summaries, this was intended to be a recurring segment.[1] However, it was dropped after season 2, though the Gnome would appear once more in the segment "The Stickening". Both of The Incredible Gnome in People's Mouths segments were animated by Titmouse, Inc.

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  • Originally, the segment was going to be called "The Gnome in Marsha's Mouth", which would involve the Gnome saying horrible things when the woman he inhabited in the first segment, Marsha, tries to make a good impression, but this idea was scrapped and retooled it into the segment as we know.[2]
  • Much of The Gnome’s concept seems to draw from The Incredible Hulk, specifically the 1970's TV series adaptation.
    • Michael Benton is the Bruce/David Banner to the Gnome’s Hulk.
    • The intro to The Incredible Gnome In People's Mouths is a spoof of the intro to the 1977 TV adaptation.
    • The ending of the first segment, where the Gnome walks along a country road is also a reference to the 1977 adaptation, complete with a parody of the show's ending theme, "The Lonely Man".
  • Like Starbox and Cindy, this segment uses a different art style than the rest of the show, with there being no outlines and more simplistic backgrounds.
  • There are no Gnome segments in the third season, but the Gnome appears briefly in "The Stickening".
  • This is the only recurring segment in the Animaniacs reboot to be animated by a single studio.


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