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The Mouse with the Giant Head is a song from the Pinky and the Braincartoon "To Russia With Lab Mice." The song is performed by Pinky, and is a parody of the song "The Man with the Golden Gun" from the film of the same name.


As Pinky and the Brain prepare to confront Mousey Galore over the supposed abduction of Brain's fish-mutating capsule; Pinky sings the tune and imagines Brain in various spy thriller-scenarios; while also praising him for his intelligence (and joking about him). When Pinky looks through a telescope at Brain to imitate the "Gun barrel sequence;" Brain angrily demands that Pinky cease his singing. Pinky quietly replies "Poit, sorry Brain..."

The song is later redone in the ending chorus, remixed with the standard Pinky and the Brain theme song.


Regular Version[]

He's always pondering something
I can't understand what he said
He uses big words to confuse everyone
The mouse with the giant head
His DNA's mixed up, genetically fixed up
He tries out a plan each night
He'll be a sensation with world domination
If he ever gets it right!
He's on a dangerous mission
His nose is all shiny and red
He makes calculations with pencils of lead
The mouse with the giant head
His nose is red
No one knows what he said
He eats crackers in bed
With his giant HEEEAAD!!!!

Ending Chorus[]

One is a quick-thinking agent,
The other one causes him pain.
Each night's adventure
Goes right down the drain!
They're Pinky,
They're Pinky and the Brain
Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain!