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"The Planets" is not to be confused with the song of the same name from the 1998 Brain Snacks interstitial series.

The Planets is a song from the cartoon of the same name from episode 32 of Animaniacs. In it, Yakko names all the planets of the solar system...well, almost all of them. The music, based on the traditional tune "Miss Suzy Had a Steamboat", was arranged by the late Richard Stone and the lyrics written by Paul Rugg. Originally, when Randy Rogel was writing "Yakko's Universe," he originally wrote the last verse about all the planets, but when he was informed that Rugg was writing a separate song, he rewrote it. The Portuguese version wasn't dubbed but the instrumental's audio quality is terrible. The song is also the eleventh track of the album Animaniacs. It is sung primarily by Yakko, with backup from Wakko.

As this was written in 1993, it still depicted Pluto as a planet prior to its demotion to a dwarf planet in 2006.


It's time to tour the planets that make up our solar system. C'mon!
The closest to the sun
Is the planet Mercury,
Next the shrouded planet Venus
Is as cloudy as can be.
The Earth is next; we call it home
Let's hope it stays that way,
And then there's Mars; it's really red
What more can I say?
The gassy planet Jupiter's
As big as planets come,
Then there's Saturn with its mighty rings
Made up of tiny crumbs.
We travel on to Neptune,
That's a gassy, freezing ball,
And cold and tiny Pluto
Is the furthest one of all.
Well, there you go. That's our solar system.
You forgot Uranus.
Goodnight, everybody!