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The Window Wiper (better known as The Viper) is a minor character who appears in the Animaniacs episode "The Three Muska-Warners." At the end of the cartoon, he is revealed to actually be a character portrayed by Art Carney in-universe. Out-of-universe, he is voiced by Frank Welker.


The Viper silhouette

The Viper's serpent-like silhouette.

The Viper wears a white shirt with green overalls and a green hat. He appears to be balding while retaining some dark hair and a mustache. The Viper also has a large nose. Each of these features makes him vaguely resemble an actual viper.

As Art Carney, he wears the same outfit but has brown hair, a smaller head and nose, and wears a porkpie hat.


Not much is known about the Viper personally, but he appeared to be an enthusiastic worker who enjoyed announcing his profession to others.


King Henry III's Soothsayer warns him that he will be to be visited by a supposed "Viper" this evening. Due to the Soothsayer's accent pronouncing the term and the King being detested by the kingdom, he is mistaken to be an actual viper sent out to attack him. Due to these concerns, the Three Musketeers are recruited -- Yakkos, Wakkos and D'otagnan. The three then "protect" him throughout the evening while keeping watch for the Viper.

At the end of the evening, as serpent-like silhouette approaches the window, seemingly the Viper ready to strike. When the shades are pulled-up, he is revealed to actually be a Window Wiper (due to his accent it also comes out as "Viper"). The cast then has a great laugh about the mistake and the cartoon ands as the cast takes their bows. The Viper then removes his mask, revealing Art Carney underneath.