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Titmouse Animation, Incorporated, or just simply Titmouse, is an American animation studio with offices in a different country: Los Angeles, New York City, London, Melbourne, and Vancouver. They develop and produce animated television programming, feature films, music videos, title sequences, commercials and short films. Their best known projects are The Venture Bros., Big Mouth, and Superjail!.

Titmouse is one of the primary animation studios for the Animaniacs reboot, having animated the most segments out of any other animation studio and contributing to all three seasons of the show and the spin-off mini-series The Brain Teaches World Domination.[1] Animaniacs utilized the Canadian office for the animation.

Animaniacs Productions[]

Season 3 and WB shot of Warners

The Warners animated by Titmouse, as seen in "Season 3 and WB Part Two."


Pinky and the Brain animated by Titmouse, as seen in the mice's intro.

Animaniacs (Reboot)[]

The Brain Teaches World Domination[]


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