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"Together" is a song from the Rita and Runt segment, "Puttin' on the Blitz." It is split into three sections, each sung at different points of the episode– beginning, middle and end. Each section is sung by Rita.


Part One:
Just look into my eyes
Tell me what you see
This looks more like Van Nuys
Than Burbank to me
Just listen to the call
Oh, and ain't it sweet?
No matter how we fall
We land on our feet
Oh, you and I, we're like a masquerader
Who travels incognito with a friend
No matter where you go, you'll see me later
I know we'll be together in the end
Part Two:
Don't leave it up to fate
For the odds are slim
Don't gamble with your life
You can never win
We'll see her to the train
Then we'll leave Warsaw
After the child is reconciled with her papa
Part Three:
You know I should have my head examined
The fact is: I could not go without you
I'm fond of your slow wit and your bad hairdo
We'll always be together, me and you


  • The lip sync of Rita's in the final verse very off, a possible indication that the lyrics may have been rewritten after the animation was finished and dubbed in later.