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Many episodes of the original Animaniacs open with the Warners escaping from the water tower, and/or end with them returning while Ralph the Guard chases them. There are also sequences featuring the Warners already out of the tower on the run from Ralph.

While these sequences do not receive segments of their own in the Animaniacs reboot series, four failed escape attempts are featured in the episode "Season 3 and WB Part One." They are still documented on this page, but are not counted towards the episode count.

Animaniacs (Original Series)[]


  • Episode 3: Soap box derby car and a long plank


  • Episode 43: Chase outside the gate of Warner Bros. Studios
  • Episode 55: Elephant in a mailbox. (This segment does not appear on the DVDs.)
  • Episode 60: Chase outside the gate, Wakko hesitates for a second.


In Episode 4, Episode 18, and Episode 40, the chase ending is shown after the Wheel of Morality segment.

Animaniacs (Reboot)[]


Each of these escapes come from the episode "Season 3 and WB Part One," and therefore do not count as individual segments. They are all foiled by Nora Rita Norita, due to her extensive knowledge in escape plot clichés. Only after the Warners agree to help Nora get her CEO job back does she let them go free.

  • Wakko: Tunnel in the wall of the tower á la The Shawshank Redemption (Fails when Nora catches Wakko digging the rather obvious-looking hole)
  • Dot: The Dark Knight-inspired aerial stunt with hot-air balloon and plane (Fails when Nora enacts a 'Dark Knight Rises'-inspired aerial stunt with a larger plane to catch Dot)
  • Yakko: Call in a heist team to free them (Fails when Nora spots the team and has them all arrested by a SWAT team)
  • Yakko, Wakko, and Dot: Pose as members of the SWAT team (Fails when Nora recognizes "the plot twist in literally every heist movie" produced by Warner Bros., and unmasks the trio)


  • All of the segments from the original Animaniacs were animated by TMS.

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