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Animaniacs Episode 75 Gag Credit

The following Transcripts are the the scripts of various episodes and media from Animaniacs-related productions written into articles. Please note that much of them are still under-construction.

If you are creating or modifying one, use Episode 1 Transcript (Original Series) and/or Episode 65 Transcript (PATB) as a basis (source editing in particular is recommended for this).


IMPORTANT: Refer to each series' respective episode guide articles when creating new pages.

Animaniacs (Original Series)

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Pinky and the Brain (spin-off)

Use Category:Pinky and the Brain Transcripts to categorize these

Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain

Use Category:Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain Transcripts to categorize these
  • Episode 1 Transcript (Elmyra)

Wakko's Wish

Animaniacs (Reboot)

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  • Episode 1 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 2 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 3 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 4 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 5 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 6 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 7 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 8 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 9 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 10 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 11 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 12 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 13 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 14 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 15 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 16 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 17 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 18 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 19 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 20 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 21 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 22 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 23 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 24 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 25 Transcript (Reboot)
  • Episode 26 Transcript (Reboot)

Miscellaneous Media

Use Category:Miscellaneous Transcripts to categorize these


  • So far, the transcripts of the episodes 1-74 of the original Animaniacs have been each been created completely, or almost completely. The process was kickstarted by User:Maxewell124, with other users assisting as well.
    • For episode orders, refer to each series' respective episode guides.
    • Most of the episodes have used a reference from either the Transcripts wikia, allreadable and taicishe, and have been expanded to include information about who is talking for each line, and edited such that the lines are more accurate.
  • Categorize any unfinished transcripts under Category:Unfinished Transcripts.