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Trudy's cousin is the nameless relative of Minerva Mink's best friend, Trudy. He appears as a minor character in the episode, "Meet Minerva".

In the episode, Minerva was given the late announcement Trudy's cousin would be coming over, with the expectation she'd show him around town. Though initially not looking forward to it, she became instantly smitten upon seeing him.

Her feelings were not returned, and Trudy's cousin left her standing after she'd ridiculed herself in her overexcitement.


Trudy's cousin is an anthropomorphic mustelid of unknown species, but guessed to be a mink. He is muscular, has brown fur, greased up, dark-brown hair with sideburns, and a poofy tail.

He has the overall look of a greaser/biker; and wears a black jacket, pink low-cut shirt, dark-blue pants with partially rolled up legs, and a greyish-brown belt with a silver buckle. His face shows little emotion and his overall vibe is that of a disinterested bystander.


Trudy's cousin is serious, straight-forward, confident, and unpleasantly selfish; and will announce right away what he expects from others. He's not swooned by pretty faces, and loud noises are quick to irritate him.


  • A slight reinterpretation of Trudy's cousin appears in the Minerva Mink comic, "Natural Chemistry";
    • Here, he has white fur, furry feet, is more kind, and has taken on the role of a hunting dog.