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For the unseen character from the Minerva Mink segments, see Trudy.

"You're in love with her, aren't you?"
— Trudy confronting The Brain

Trudy is a mouse from Vienna and the "third mouse" who appears in the Pinky and the Brain cartoon of the same name.


Trudy is a tall mouse with black hair, who has been seen in three different outfits (a dress for a funeral, a black coat, and a casual dress). She speaks with an Austrian accent.


Trudy is a shown to be a kind, cautious mouse, and she helped the Brain fake his death and tries to avoid questioning. She is not easily forgiving, as she breaks-up with the Brain after he breaks his promise to her and resumes his world domination schemes.



At one point, Trudy fell in-love with the Brain. She then worked with two other mice to fake his death, so that Brain can settle down with her in peace, away from world domination and the authorities.

Pinky and the Brain

Some time after Brain's faked demise, she attends his "funeral." She reminisces on her time with Brain with his best friend Pinky, who still isn't quite grasping the real meaning of him being "late." Pinky then innocently asks Trudy if she has seen Brain; and she interprets this as him being suspicious of her. She departs the funeral, leaving an oblivious Pinky even more curious.

Later, Pinky and the Brain reunite, and he learns of her involvement in faling his death. Pinky gets Brain interested in a scheme involving Vienna's inter-connected plumbing. Trudy tracks them down to the sewer, and pleas for Brain to stop. As Brain cannot tell her that he "cannot be stopped now" (as now is Pinky's code-word to turn the main valve), the couple struggles to hear eaxh other over the water. Brain then turns off his own valve, but accidentally says "Can you hear me now?" This causes Pinky to turn the main valve, flooding the sewer and sending the mice away.

After landing in a fountain, Brain attempts to return to Trudy, who angrily chastises him and declares that she never wants to see him again. She accuses Brain of loving the world more than herself, which Brain confirms with a slow "yess…" Trudy then slams the door on Brain, and the two break-up. ("The Third Mouse")


Pinky and the Brain