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Tympanini is a minor character from the episode "Piano Rag." He is voiced by John Rhys-Davies.


Tympanini is holding a piano concert, that is rudely interrupted by the Warners, Dr. Scratchansniff, Hello Nurse and Ralph. Before each song, he talks about what he is about to play. First, he attempts to play a piece by Franz Schubert, tweaked to better represent what he believes is the theme (the conflict between intellect and creative process). This is interrupted a few times before he wrecks his piano by playing it with gum stuck to his hands. He is visibly annoyed by this, and his assistant gets him a new one while he begins to describe his next song, by a Ludwig von Platzberger. He continues to play this while the Warners are being chased onto the stage by Scratchy, Nurse and Ralph, until the three capture him in their nets, again interrupting his concert; Tympanini shows fury at this. Meanwhile, the Warners show how much people like non-classical music.


It can be inferred from the above that:

  • Tympanini is a famous pianist.
  • Tympanini is acting serious.
  • Tympanini is confident.
  • Tympanini dislikes being interrupted.
  • Tympanini is able to bear lots of weight before collapsing.
  • Tympanini is irritable.
  • Tympanini is focused.

Tympanini is in this manner, a little like many of the other antagonists to the Warners. The ones that they defeat by annoying to insanity, anyway.