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Useless Facts is an Animaniacs short that premiered on November 18, 1993. It is hosted by Yakko Warner and is only featured in one episode.


Yakko tells the viewers about various useless yet true facts, with some kind of gag following.

Fact list:[]

  • Termites can live to be up to 50 years old. (Yakko watches a grandfather termite tell his grandchildren how "when he was their age he had to walk 50 miles in the snow with no shoes for a good piece of wood unlike the young termites of today".)
  • Eskimos have more than 100 words for "ice", and no words for "hello". (Yakko greets an Eskimo, who looks at him, but doesn't respond)
  • A shrimp's heart is in its head. (Yakko asks a shrimp, holding it's head, if it has a headache. The shrimp replies "No, heartburn!")
  • Starfish have no brain. (Yakko asks a starfish on the beach if it knows where the beach is. The starfish has no answer)


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